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Hospital Logistics Capabilities  

We deliver end-to-end, reliable solutions that optimize operational efficiencies and give hospitals and healthcare providers peace of mind. Keeping our customers’ unique challenges in mind, we focus on co-creating tailored solutions that will help them streamline resources, workflows, and processes, ultimately reducing time and costs.

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Delivering care is more complex than ever. We have spoken to hospitals and healthcare providers and these are the key challenges that they are facing within their hospital logistics:

  • More demand on services
  • More challenging procedures
  • More inventory on site
  • More internal stakeholders

How do we help?

Our Hospital Logistics capabilities can help optimize operational efficiencies by focusing on three areas – people, process, and technology



Provide support via a range of training, processes and technology solutions



Using Lean methodologies such as Value Stream Maps to analyze the current processes, support optimization and ensure the right quantities of the right products are ordered at the right time



eCommerce to simplify ordering, invoicing, tracking, and inventory management via technology-enabled solutions, e.g. radio frequency identification (RFID) and barcode scanning