Our Services and Solutions 

Patient Pathway Capabilities  

We offer custom designed pathway capabilities for comprehensive disease management that guide the coordination of care, standardization of key practices, and engage patients from hospital to home. Supported by content, services and technology shaped to improve outcomes and patient experience, while eliminating inefficiencies and reducing cost of care.

child patient and nurse in patient hallway to representing patient pathway capabilities

Delivering care is more complex than ever. We have spoken to hospitals and healthcare providers and these are the key challenges that they are facing within their hospital, these include:

  • Sub-optimal patient outcomes
  • Heavy workload including high admin burden
  • Inability to view and collect data
  • Varied and inefficient patient pathways
  • Lack of standardization among multidisciplinary teams
  • Poor experience and satisfaction for both healthcare professionals and patients
  • Poor hospital reputation
  • Lack of digital and technological capabilities

We help to improve patient pathways and experiences throughout the entire patient journey


How do we help?

Our Patient Pathway capabilities can help by providing tailored solutions that address these challenges. Our programs focus on three elements – services, disease specific content, and technology



Services that evaluate and improve your current pathway, for example Lean management, change management, and skills transfer

desired results

Disease specific content

Support on healthcare professional and patient education including enhanced recovery clinical protocols



Best-in-class technology that provides data and insights as well as allows digital patient engagement