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The Most Comprehensive Energy Offering

Ethicon has always offered innovative, one-of-a-kind clinical solutions, and now we have expanded our Core Energy portfolio to give surgeons and OR staff access to market leading HARMONIC® solutions¹, redesigned ENSEAL® tissue sealers and the full line of MEGADYNE™ electrosurgery products. 

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The most comprehensive energy offering


HARMONIC® is the undisputed ultrasonic leader1, 20 years in market, more than 22 million procedures¹ and 1,000+ publications².


ENSEAL® Tissue Sealers deliver efficient, secure sealing to drive the best possible patient outcomes.


MEGADYNE™ delivers an expansive suite of innovative Core Energy Solutions.

Clinical Advantages Beyond Comparison

Ethicon offers the most comprehensive Core Energy portfolio available. Beyond understanding the science of tissue management, we understand the value of offering trusted brands HARMONIC®, ENSEAL®, and MEGADYNE™ all from a single trusted source to help advance patient outcomes, deliver better, more intelligent tools and offer expanded contracting and capital programs.

Clinical advantages beyond comparison 

Explore the Comprehensive Value of Ethicon

Ethicon can advance your surgery suite goals while providing surgeons with the most Advanced Energy products. Contact an Ethicon representative to explore how Ethicon can offer: the most complete and comprehensive offering in Core Energy; expanded capital acquisition options and contracting flexibility; continuity and predictable spend; a single point of contact, and certified performance options to help meet economic and sustainability goals.

Discover the value of making your move by calling 1-877-ETHICON. 

Explore the comprehensive value of Ethicon

1. Internal global sales data as of June 2016 (C2197) 

2. As per a literature search conducted in MEDLINE® and Embase™ between 01/01/1990 and 10/01/2012 that identified publications which specifically discussed a given product within an article (C1378) 

For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.