Leading the Way in Colorectal Surgery
Leading the Way in Colorectal Surgery

One in four colorectal procedures result in readmission due to complications in the first 90 days.1 This represents a significant economic burden for hospitals.  Our goal is to help improve outcomes, reduce costs and improve patient experience.

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At Ethicon, weʼre focused on improving health outcomes for patients and helping solve the greatest health challenges… with only meaningful innovation. The kind that led to the creation of the first sutures, that helped revolutionize surgery with minimally invasive procedures, and that elevates standards of care around the world.

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* Benchtop testing in porcine tissue ≤30mmHg (26mmHg average pressure experienced during intra-operative leak test), comparing Ethicon ECHELON CIRCULAR™ Powered Stapler CDH25P to Medtronic DST Series™ EEA™ Stapler EEA2535 (p<0.001) and preclinical perfusion model, in which perfusion was not significantly different between devices.

†DRG market data from July 2016 – June 2017, comparing market share in colorectal procedures.

§Benchtop testing in porcine colon compared the rate of staple line leak failure at ≤30mmHg, compared Ethicon CDH29P and CS40B/CR40B or PSEE45A/GST45B to Medtronic EEA2835/EGIAUSTND and EGIARADMT or EGIA45AMT, n=60 ea p<0.001. Leak rate at ≤30mmHg was selected based on a preclinical study that measured the intraluminal pressure associated with an intra-operative leak test by surgeons (n=31). Average selected pressure was 26 +/-1.8 mmHg.

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