If you have a suggestion or invention that can potentially improve, or even revolutionize surgery or tissue repair, it is important to protect your intellectual property. To protect the rights to your invention, you should document the conception date, including a description and an illustration, and have the documentation signed by a witness who has no ownership of the idea and who understands its purpose and functionality.

Ideally, any innovation submitted to DePuy Mitek should have at least a patent filed. Alternatively, a Provisional Patent may be sufficient to allow discussions to begin. For further information about US patents and procedures, please visit the following United States Patent and Trademark Office web site at: Additionally, you should consult a patent attorney. Patent attorneys can provide expert advice and offer the surest way to protect your intellectual property.

If you have not filed for any patent protection and still want to submit your idea to the DePuy Mitek Idea Center, please keep in mind that any idea submitted on this website will be considered non-confidential.