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RAYNHAM, MA – October 13, 2009 – DePuy Mitek, Inc., a leading orthopaedics sports medicine company, today announced the launch of the VAPR® Premiere90, a new low-profile, small-diameter radiofrequency electrode that provides fast and efficient soft tissue ablation and coagulation with enhanced visualization during arthroscopic surgery.

The VAPR Premiere90 offers a low profile design (3.3 mm tip and 3.7mm shaft) that allows for easy insertion, maneuverability and access to small or constricted areas and its large active element surface area provides fast, efficient ablation and coagulation. At its default power setting, the device ablates hard tissue more than 20 percent faster than comparable electrodes.1

The central and new peripheral suction ports create a large suction area that improves visualization by quickly removing bubbles and small debris from the field of vision. Four raised areas on the face of the electrode provide tactile feedback, allowing the surgeon to know what tissue is being contacted and ablated.

“The lower profile of the electrode eases insertion and access to challenging anatomic areas and it can precisely vaporize targeted tissue ” said Michael Maloney, MD, Professor of Orthopaedics, Director of Sports Medicine, University of Rochester Medical Center.

Using the VAPR Premiere90, surgeons can independently adjust energy settings to optimize power for faster ablation or controlled coagulation. An integrated hand piece reduces the number of required connections in the operating room.

“Our goal is to continue to advance the science of soft tissue repair to improve patient care with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that make a difference in the lives of the health professionals who use them and their patients who benefit from them,” said Ian Lawson, Worldwide President of DePuy Mitek, Inc.
The VAPR Premiere90 is part of the VAPR Electrosurgical System which includes the VAPR Premiere50 knee electrode for efficient anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) removal and meniscal sculpting, sealing and shaping and more than 20 additional electrodes of various lengths, sizes and angles address a variety of surgical preferences and clinical needs.

About the VAPR® Electrosurgical System
The VAPR Electrosurgical System consists of a high frequency electrosurgical generator, a reusable handpiece with connector cable, disposable electrodes, alternative disposable electrodes with integrated connector cable, and a foot switch. It is intended for resection, ablation, excision, hemostasis of blood vessels, and coagulation of soft tissue in patients requiring arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow and/or wrist.
About DePuy Mitek, Inc.

DePuy Mitek, a Johnson & Johnson company, is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative orthopedic sports medicine products. The company offers minimally invasive, arthroscopic surgical solutions that address the challenges of soft tissue repair in the shoulder, knee and other joints, as well as non-surgical therapies such as ORTHOVISC®. The Company’s mission is to improve patient quality of life by creating innovative, minimally invasive joint mobility therapies. For more information, visit .

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