DePuy Spine launches next generation EAGLE and SWIFT anterior cervical plating systems - DePuy

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RAYNHAM, MA, June 19, 2008 - DePuy Spine, Inc. today introduced its next generation in anterior Cervical fixation: the EAGLE Plus Rigid and the SWIFT Plus Dynamic Anterior Cervical Plating (ACP) Systems, which now offer more plating options for anatomically challenging procedures and incorporate new screw locking technology. EAGLE Plus Micro Plate is designed for short, one-level constructs in difficult locations such as C2-C3 or adjacent to a previously instrumented level, and SWIFT Plus includes the Corpectomy Plate, designed for maximum visualization and contouring on longer corpectomy constructs. Both systems feature a new dual sequential locking system comprised of a passive locking ring at the base of the tapered bushing that engages both the screw head and the plate. The EAGLE Plus and SWIFT Plus screws have also been optimized with a more aggressive thread form. The Plus Systems offer increased OR efficiency by incorporating a common set of instruments and screws in a single instrument case, including a wide selection of screwdrivers, drills and taps, as well as a single-barrel drill guide, a universal double-barrel drill guide, a universal retraction double-barrel drill guide and a universal four-barrel drill guide. "EAGLE Plus and SWIFT Plus combine to be one of the most versatile systems available for addressing multiple pathologies of the cervical spine," said Tushar Patel, MD, surgeon designer from Commonwealth Orthopaedics in Fairfax, VA. Like its predecessor systems, EAGLE Plus has maintained its large graft visualization windows and SWIFT Plus continues to provide up to 2mm of internal dynamization per level. Both systems utilize a unique, single-step polyaxial rigid screw locking mechanism. About DePuy Spine DePuy Spine, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company, has worked and partnered with leading clinicians, researchers, and thought leaders to develop products to treat spine disorders for over 20 years. The company is committed to advancing the knowledge of all health care professionals and their patients in addressing spinal pathologies.