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SAN FRANCISCO, March 5, 2008 - DePuy Spine, Inc. announced today that its  core portfolio, which includes fixation and fusion systems EXPEDIUM™ and  MOUNTAINEER™, continues to show solid gains while minimally invasive surgery and  the aging spine are proving to be high growth areas for the company as more  surgeons adopt minimally invasive techniques and the population ages.  

DePuy Spine made the announcement here at the 75th Annual Meeting of the  American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), where it will showcase products  including VIPER™ and PEEK™ Rods from its minimally invasive surgery line and the  AEGIS™ Anterior Lumbar Plate System, CONCORDE™ Bullet and VG2® TLIF Allograft  from its interbody fusion line.

"DePuy Spine has hit a new stride by  refocusing on our core portfolio and entering key high growth markets," said  Gary Fischetti, President, DePuy Spine. "Since the beginning of last year we've  introduced eight new products and we are on track to bring an even larger number  to the marketplace this year."

DePuy Spine is scheduled to introduce new  products in cervical, minimally invasive spine surgery, deformity, degenerative  disease and interbody fusion this year. In addition, DePuy Spine is laying the  clinical, educational and economic foundation for investments it made last year  in diagnostic testing for scoliosis, vertebral body augmentation for fractures  from osteoporosis, total facet arthroplasty and annulus repair.

Last  year DePuy Spine acquired the CONFIDENCE™ System, a proprietary delivery system  and novel polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) bone cement that is injected directly  into vertebral bodies to treat compression fractures, a painful condition that  occurs when one or more vertebrae collapse, usually as a result of osteoporosis.  The treatment results in significant pain reduction and the restoration of  mobility in many patients. More than 200,000 surgical interventions for  vertebral compression fractures are performed worldwide each year.

Also  last year, DePuy Spine, Inc., in partnership with Johnson & Johnson  Development Corporation (JJDC) formed a strategic alliance with Biomerix  Corporation, a medical technology company developing novel devices in  orthopedic, endovascular, and neurovascular medicine. The investment will be  used to advance the company's development programs including development of a  new annulus repair implant following lumbar discectomy.

"DePuy Spine has  the resources, portfolio, focus and long-term commitment to meet the new  challenges facing health professionals and their patients," said Gary Fischetti.  "Our solutions will focus on the patient and be backed by solid clinical and  economic data, coupled with extraordinary education, service and support."  

About DePuy Spine

DePuy Spine, Inc., a Johnson &  Johnson company, has worked and partnered with leading clinicians, researchers,  and thought leaders to develop products to treat spine disorders for over 20  years. The company is committed to advancing the knowledge of all health care  professionals and their patients in addressing spinal pathologies.