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New VA LCP® Plating Systems are Designed to Advance Patient Care
By Offering Comprehensive Treatment Options

WEST CHESTER, PA – Sept. 19, 2014 – Today DePuy Synthes Companies of Johnson & Johnson launched two new variable angle plating systems featuring its proprietary variable angle locking technology. With this technology, surgeons can adapt screw trajectory to match patient anatomy and fracture pattern and angulate screws towards specific fragments of bone. The systems are being introduced in conjunction with the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society (AOFAS) and the International Federation of Foot & Ankle Societies (IFFAS/AOFAS Meeting) in Chicago.

VA Locking Plating System for Calcaneal Fractures
The new DePuy Synthes Trauma* 2.7 mm Variable Angle Locking Calcaneal Plating (VA LCP®) System features new plate designs for two leading surgical techniques including lateral extensile approach, and minimally invasive approach. The low-profile, pre-contoured plates are designed to treat both simple and complex fractures, with multiple fixation points targeting key areas of hard cortical bone in the calcaneus. Additionally, innovative instrumentation is available to assist in fracture reduction.

"This is a comprehensive and versatile system of plates and screws that may be used to treat a broad array of calcaneal fractures through open or minimally invasive techniques," said Michael Swords, DO, Director of Orthopedic Trauma, Michigan Orthopedic Center, Lansing, Michigan, who is presenting on the new plating system at AOFAS/IFFAS.** "As a surgeon who takes care of these injuries, the design of the plating system has the elements required to successfully treat calcaneus fractures."

VA LCP Plating System for Fusion Procedures
The new DePuy Synthes Trauma 3.5 mm VA LCP Medial Column Fusion Plating System with variable angle locking technology is designed with advanced stabilization capabilities for fusion applications. Plantar and talus extension medial column fusion plates are also available in the new system. The plates allow the surgeon to independently compress each joint through the plate, gaining up to 6 mm of compression.

Screw Targeting Clamp
Additionally DePuy Synthes Trauma is releasing a Screw Targeting Clamp Instrument set. This set provides the ability to maintain compression while inserting screws through targeted areas, which is especially useful in challenging fusion cases. An adjustable rail ensures screw placement of solid or cannulated screws, ranging from sizes 3.5 mm through 7.3 mm in diameter.

"The introduction of DePuy Synthes Trauma's variable angle locking technology to the treatment of foot and ankle fractures and fusions is another example of how DePuy Synthes Trauma is redefining innovation and advancing patient care," said I.V. Hall, Franchise Unit Leader, DePuy Synthes Trauma. "We are very pleased to provide solutions that may help the thousands of patients who require fracture and fusion treatment each year."

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