Treating Small Fragment Fractures More Efficiently and Sustainably with the Universal Small Fragment System

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When someone fractures a bone, from a fall to a sports accident, the traditional way to fix it is with plates and screws. But surgeons who treat small fragment fractures know that these particular injuries can be difficult to treat.

In the past, surgeons often had to choose plates, screws and tools from a wide array of systems, depending on the details and complexity of the small fragment procedure. This often involved having a great deal of equipment, from trays to instruments and implants, in the operating room, and it wasn’t unusual for operating room staff to have to open multiple sets, even if to take out only one item. DePuy Synthes knew there was an opportunity to make things easier and developed the Universal Small Fragment System.

The Universal Small Fragment System draws from DePuy Synthes’ comprehensive portfolio of plating options for injuries to the shoulder and clavicle, elbow, and the tibia and fibula, and consolidates the most commonly used implants and tools into a single, streamlined case. Compatible with all 2.7mm and 3.5mm DePuy Synthes’ plating technology, this system is appropriate for many small fragment cases. The system increases efficiency for a hospital by reducing the number of trays by up to 50% during surgery, which decreases resources requiring reprocessing, transport and storage as well as reduces set weight. ¥ ∞

This increase in efficiency and reduction in trays also brings a cost savings to a hospital. As an example, a model shows that an average level 1 trauma center in the U.S. has an annual potential cost savings of $72,685 by utilizing the Universal Small Fragment System. ¥

Reducing the number of trays used during a procedure by 50% doesn’t only increase efficiency and reduce cost, it also has a major impact on sustainability. In fact, this system is the first DePuy Synthes trauma product to receive Earthwards® recognition for environmental sustainability by reducing consumption of water and energy by approximately 56% annually. Our commitment to sustainability efforts helps us recognize the important role everyone plays in our environment, so we are thrilled with this achievement. **, ***

We believe that this efficient and easy-to-use device will provide a better experience for surgeons as they care for their patients. Learn more about the Universal Small Fragment System.

¥ DePuy Synthes Budget Impact Model (2018). Calculation takes into account DePuy Synthes systems commonly used for each small fragment procedure, employs a weighted average of 2.25 sets per procedure and total case volume of 260 small fragment cases per year at a facility.
∞ Core set weight for Universal Small Fragment System is less than 10 kilograms (22.2 pounds). Reduction is relative to comparable DePuy Synthes systems commonly used for each small fragment procedure.
** Learn more about the Earthwards® program at Johnson & Johnson by visiting
*** Data on water and energy consumption based on manufacturer data of industry standard washer-disinfectors and autoclaves; savings represented in this calculator are an indication only and may vary dependent upon exact equipment used in Sterile processing operations.