We Will Never Stop Supporting the Frontline


COVID-19 has brought us face-to-face with the vast devastation infectious disease can bring to individuals, families, communities and the world. At the same time, this unprecedented crisis has cast new light on the essential, selfless and innovative role health workers play in ensuring strong, resilient health systems for everyone, everywhere. Through HIV, Ebola, Zika, COVID-19 and more, Johnson & Johnson has backed frontline health workers. We’re grateful for all that healthcare professionals are doing during this difficult time, so we’re giving more than thanks by supporting them, their patients and their communities as they navigate the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19.

As an initial step to delivering critical support for communities and health workers on the frontlines, in March the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies and Johnson & Johnson Foundation quickly increased their commitment to the frontlines by $50 million—for a total of $300 million— guided by the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation to support and supply frontline health workers - from meals to protective equipment, extra training to mental health support. And to further support the superhuman efforts of healthcare practitioners in this time of crisis, we have enhanced this commitment in the areas of advocacy, education and training, and other contributions to holistically support the health workers who have always supported us.

Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to frontline health workers is steadfast in this time of crisis, and our message is clear: We’ll never stop taking care of you, just like you never stop caring for us.

Stay up-to-date on the Company’s efforts to address critical needs of health workers related to the COVID-19 pandemic at jnj.com/coronavirus.