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Patient Story: Alice from Oldsmar, FL

  • Name: Alice
  • Location: Oldsmar, FL
  • Replacement Type: Hip (Right)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking, Dancing, Grass Cutting & Leaf Raking

"No Pain, No Pills, No Depression."

The pain from my hip was extreme before I had it replaced. I had to use a walker to get around at home, and had difficulty caring for myself, since I live alone.

My pain medication was no longer helping to reduce the pain, so I decided to move forward with hip replacement surgery. My quality of life was not what it was, and got very depressing. I also did a lot of research, and found an orthopedic surgeon that did the anterior hip replacement procedure.

I have several other health issues, but as far as the joint replacement, I feel as if I have a BRAND NEW hip! I have no pain, I can walk, and do everything I need to do to care for myself. I no longer have to take pills for the pain. I can smile and laugh now!

If physical therapy and pain medication fail to ease the pain, GO FOR IT! Don't wait. Once I found the physician I felt comfortable with, and the procedure (Anterior Approach) I wished to have, it didn't take me long to find a surgeon. I had surgery very quickly and I am so happy I did.