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Patient Story: Anthony from Salem, VA

  • Name: Anthony
  • Location: Salem, VA
  • Replacement Type: Hip (Right)
  • Surgeon Name: Dr. Hagy
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking, Golfing, Biking, Swimming

"I'm Now a New Man!!"

For the last ten years, I slowly stopped or limited the things I enjoyed. Biking, motorcycling, karate, walks with my wife and children, working outside, and working on cars. My attitude was sour, being in constant pain made me short-fused and snippy. By Late 2016 I was using a cane; barely able to work then coming home and laying on a heating pad. In January 2017, I had progressed to crutches because I could no longer tolerate any weight on my hip. The pain had progressed to such intensity with any type of movement. My wife and I could no longer have sex. I had become depressed, I had a poor outlook on my life. I stopped returning calls from friends, inviting me to participate in activities and couldn't attend my children’s sporting events.

The turning point was due to my wife. Unfortunately, I am a stubborn male and do not go to the doctors like I should, she demanded I go see my doctor who referred me to a doctor. When Dr. Hagy came back to the room he told me my hip looked terrible, that it was the worst looking hip he'd seen in someone my age. I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis due to bone on bone contact to the point of deformity to the head of the femur. At that point he recommended hip replacement stating injections and PT would not be of any benefit.

My life post-surgery has taken a dramatic turn for the better. The pain I was experiencing in the joint was gone. PT had me up and walking even a couple of stairs the next day. I felt elated I forgot what it felt like to be pain free in my joint. I'm not going to say I was completely pain free because there was some muscular pain following the surgery but it wasn't anything like I was experiencing before and it was controlled and would abate after rest. I went to outpatient PT for six weeks and I’m now a new man!! No pain, I'm back to biking, karate, mowing the lawn, working in the garden, and riding my motorcycles. My children have even noticed a difference in me stating "dad you’re not grumpy anymore"

My advice to others would be: seeing your doctor; that is what they are there for. I wished I hadn’t put it off and dealt with the pain, it took a toll not only on me but everyone in my life. I’m glad I followed through with my physical therapist’s advice and did the exercises they prescribe. 

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