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Patient Story: Barbara from Taylor, MI

  • Name: Barbara
  • Location: Taylor, MI
  • Replacement Type: Hip (Left), Hip (Right)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking

"Given Me Hope"

Life before joint replacement included two major back surgeries, being laid-up for a year and a half and I couldn't stand straight or walk more than a few feet. That's why I'm very happy with the first hip surgery.

I knew I had to move ahead with surgery because according to my doctor, my old hip was causing an unalignment in my back. 

I did well recovering from my first hip surgery. It has given me the hope I didn't have for the longest time. Now I'm recovering from the second hip surgery. It's painful, but I'm hoping to do half of what I used to do. Including my all time favorite, dancing lessons! ! I can't wait to see my improvements.

While waiting for my joint replacement I worked on building strength in my muscles. 

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