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Patient Story: Cassandra from Double Oak, TX

  • Name: Cassandra
  • Location: Double Oak, TX
  • Replacement Type: Hip (Right)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking, Biking,

"Why Live with Pain or Limited Movement Any Longer Than You Have To?"

I didn't realize how painful my life was. I stayed active, but I moved much more slowly. Simple daily movements were a struggle.

I decided to move forward with joint replacement when I needed help getting up from sitting on the edge of the pool

Now I have no pain. I'm back to hiking, walking long distances, and gardening. Inside the house I can walk up the stairs briskly. Life is as it was six years before my surgery. Probably the most surprising is that I can sneeze now without bracing myself for pain!

My advice to others considering joint replacement is to stay as active as you can prior to surgery. If possible, talk to your physical therapist and see what exercises they would like to see you do to strengthen those muscles before surgery. Don't wait! When your orthopedic surgeon tells you that you're heading down the replacement path, listen to them.

Why live with pain or limited movement any longer than you have to?