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Patient Story: Janice from Hoschton, GA

  • Name: Janice
  • Location: Hoschton, GA
  • Replacement Type: Hip (Left), Hip (Right)
  • Surgeon Name: Dr. Decook
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking, Swimming, Living

"I Now Have My Life Back and I Embrace It All!"

Over time I stopped everything due to my pain and feeling that I was unstable. I stopped camping, walked shorter distances, shopping was painful, walking my dog was painful, and I couldn't find a comfortable position to sleep.  I live alone and I could no longer clean my house or stand for more than a few minutes to cook. Meals became less about nutrition than ease (ie. microwave). Family gatherings and grandchildren's events  were hard to attend! Started using pain medications for the first time in my life.. I was limping, using a cane in public, and a walker at home.

After many years of back injections, my son's orthopedic surgeon read my last MRI, took a plain x-ray, and showed me my left hip joint - real site of my problem. One of my neighbors recommended Dr. Decook.

I have had both hips replaced. I have no pain and no longer take pain pills.  I walk, swim, stand, sleep, shop, and can't wait for camping season to start!!!!  I can stand all day to cook for a party, clean my house, and decorate for Christmas. Instead of avoiding doing everything, I now have my life back and embrace it all!!

Do not wait to see your doctor! Such a simple (for me) procedure, almost pain free (pain meds injected in operative site, and prescribed).  Attend a Joints in Motion class well before surgery if possible, to learn about the procedure, what to expect, how to prepare yourself and your home for ease and safety, and how to determine how much help you may need.  I spent one night in the hospital, but some spend only a few hours. Home nurses and physical therapists will come the next day. Do EVERTHING you were told at the hospital. Follow the physical therapy recomendations for exercise and rest.  Enjoy your new life!

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