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Patient Story: Joseph from Long Branch, NJ

  • Name: Joseph
  • Location: Long Branch, NJ
  • Replacement Type: Hip (Right)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking, Golfing, Biking, Swimming,

"Pre and Post-Op Therapy Made Recovery a Dream"

I was in total pain 24 hours a day and had to sleep sitting up before having my hip replaced. I could barely walk, even with a cane. I had to stop playing golf and virtually all other activities. I chose to move forward with surgery when I was only able to sleep in a recliner, propped up in certain positions with pillows, and the slightest move led to a painful awakening. and nothing eased the pain.

Life after surgery has been amazingly pain free. I'm actually doing more then I had ever done in the past. I just marched 33 blocks in the NYC Columbus Day Parade. I do 12 miles on a bike in a gym 3 days a week and even walked all over Normandy, D-Day sights, and up and down a couple of mountain villages near it, pain free.

I did a few months of therapy prior to surgery that was very painful prior to anterior approach hip replacement surgery. The day after my surgery  I was walking with what felt like almost no pain. Every day there was less and less pain. In less then 3 weeks I was pain free and I have not needed any pain relievers, not even over the counter. I just had my second annual check-up and I feel amazing. The pre-op therapy and immediate post-op walking made recovery a dream.

Anterior Approach cannot be used with ceramic-on-ceramic constructs.

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