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Patient Story: Nancy from Benton, AR

  • Name: Nancy
  • Location: Benton, AR
  • Replacement Type: Hip (Left)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Football, Running

"It Made All The Difference to Me"

Before surgery, I could not squat at all. If I dropped something, I had to bend from the waist and keep my left leg straight. It affected my quality of life, I had trouble fastening shoes, shaving my legs, and anything that required rotating my hip at all.

Things changed when I realized that I was in constant pain (and not just when I moved "the wrong way"). I was told that it would get better with the surgery, so I moved ahead with it. 

After surgery I was released to have physical therapy. Finally, I could squat, shave my legs, and navigate my steps. I am amazed during exercise class, I can do exercises that were excruciating before.

My physical therapy after surgery made all the difference to me.

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