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Patient Story: Rick from Oviedo, FL

  • Name: Rick
  • Location: Oviedo, FL
  • Replacement Type: Hip (Left)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking, Golfing, Biking, Swimming

"If the Doctor Recommends That You Do It, Don't Put It Off!"

I basically had pain in my hip all day, everyday, and even would wake me up at night before having my hip replaced. It even bothered me when sitting in a chair. The pain would be more intense after I did minimal walking. It was painful to play soccer, golf, or even walk around at work, and I eventually had to quit golfing and playing soccer. I pretty much limped around.

I decided to get my hip replaced because I knew that the pain would not go away and that it would get worse, even if I was doing less.

After having my hip replaced I was almost immediately 100% better. I have had zero pain since the day after my surgery with the exception of a little soreness while getting in better shape. I was able to go to Universal Studios five weeks after the surgery and go Christmas shopping with no pain.  I am able to ride the bike, swim, and work out at the gym. I walked 72 holes (four rounds) of golf in three days and was able to go on a ten mile hike in the mountains.  I simply feel great and would do it again ten times over.

As far as rehab goes, once the doctor gives you the green light to start exercising, figure out your limits and push yourself to that limit every day if you want to get back in shape and of course control your weight.  If the doctor recommends that you do it, then absolutely don't put it off! I heard this and read this many times and it is completely true!