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Patient Story: Cathy from Norman, OK

  • Name: Cathy
  • Location: Norman, OK
  • Replacement Type: Knee (Right)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking, Biking, Swimming

"PT is the Key to a Complete Recovery!"

Before having my knee replaced I had trouble walking just about anywhere! I also couldn't get down on the floor to play with my grandkids, and couldn't carry the little ones.

I realized it was time for surgery when I could only go in stores that had baskets I could push and use like a walker.  I also couldn't keep up with my husband if we went anywhere together.  He was always several steps ahead of me and finally he just started dropping me off and picking me up at the door wherever we went places.

Now that I've had my knee replaced I am back to all the activites I enjoyed before knee replacement. I just returned from a trip to Mexico. I was able to walk through all the aiports at a normal or even quick pace with no pain and no limping!

If you are considering joint replacement surgery, I would suggest that you do everything your physical therapist tells you to do.  I think PT is the key to a complete recovery!  It's not always easy but it was so worth it in the end!

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