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Patient Story: Chris from Delton, MI

  • Name: Chris
  • Location: Delton, MI
  • Replacement Type: Knee (Left), Knee (Right)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking, Swimming

"Stairs are Now a Breeze"

Before joint replacement I had painful movement whenever on my feet. I was grossly overweight for many years.  After losing 120 pounds, I thought that issue would solve the problem, but over the years, even after weight loss, my knees got progressively worse. X-rays and MRIs indicated my knee joints were bone on bone and that while cortisone shots and other treatments helped for short periods of time, I finally opted for the total knee replacement. I could not walk through the grocery store without supporting myself on the shopping cart, and basically stopped all physical activity on my feet.

My turning point came when the doctor said they couldn't give me shots more than every three months or so (even though the shots only helped for a few weeks). I decided it was time to find a permanent solution.

Post-surgery, I am still recovering,  My left knee was replaced in late March 2016 and my right knee in October 2016. However, walking and stairs are now a breeze.  Instead of sharp shooting pain in my knees it is reduced to minor muscle aches that are improving steadily.  My left knee now feels virtually natural and the muscle aches remaining in the right knee (as of right now) are a fabulous improvement from pre-surgery pain.

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