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Patient Story: Gerald from Kinder, LA

  • Name: Gerald
  • Location: Kinder, LA
  • Replacement Type: Knee (Left)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking

"Resuming All My Normal Activities"

Before joint replacement I was in a lot of pain from arthritis in my knee. I wasn't able to walk or do normal yard work, such as mowing and raking leaves.

I knew I needed to move ahead with surgery simply because I was in lots of pain.

After surgery, I am resuming all of my normal activities. I do a lot of volunteering and cooking and it is great to be able to do these things again without the pain. I am 72 years of age and I'm extremely happy with my replacement. I will be ready when/or if the right knee needs replacing, without hesitation.

My advice for others, do your exercises, but don't always think that more is better. Also, do the recommended stretches from your therapist and work at your pace.

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