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Patient Story: Jeff from Jacksonville, FL

  • Name: Jeff
  • Location: Jacksonville, FL
  • Replacement Type: Knee (Left), Knee (Right)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking, Biking, Swimming,

"I'm Back and Better Than Ever"

Prior to my knee replacement I enjoyed a very active lifestyle that included surfing, extreme mountain biking and stand-up paddle boarding. 

I have had trouble with both knees for many years which resulted in several surgeries. In 2015, my right knee finally gave out. It became very swollen and I was unable to bend it. The doctor advised that my only option to get my quality of life back was a knee replacement. I had a successful replacement of my right knee and was able to resume my active lifestyle. In 2016, my left knee gave out. I had it successfully replaced. 

I am back and better than ever! 

Make sure you work hard in rehab and do everything they tell you everyday. It is worth it.

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