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Patient Story: Kathryn Ann from Hohenwald, TN

  • Name: Kathryn Ann
  • Location: Hohenwald, TN
  • Replacement Type: Knee (Right)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Biking, Swimming, Working In The Yard

"Fear of the Unknown is Your Worst Enemy"

Before knee replacement I spent the night rolling from side to side crying in pain. I could not walk without some kind of assistance. I had to use a toilet seat riser. I could not step over the side of the tub or into a child's swim pool. I could drive with the seat fully back but could not ride as a passenger due to the inability to bend my knee. I wasn't able to garden. I was miserable.

I knew about two years earlier that I was going to need the procedure, but knew I had to move forward with surgery when my orthopedic doctor gave me my last cortisone injection. Renting a knee walker was the end for me.  The pressure of my weight on the knee walker caused the most unbearable pain. I had run out of ways to avoid what had to be done.

Knee surgery gave me my life back.  I can now bend my knee. drive, ride, garden, sit for extended periods of time, get in and out of the tub and pool, and walk without assistance.  There were many other unexpected benefits. The planned diabetic meals and the exercise twice a day helped me get control of my weight. I lost 26 pounds after the procedure.  The occupational therapy helped me regain my strength and learn how to move correctly.  My attitude kept getting better and better.

Fear of the unknown is your worst enemy.  You're only punishing yourself with pain and lack of ability by waiting.  You know how much pain you're in. You can improve your life.