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Patient Story: Michael from New Ringgold, PA

  • Name: Michael
  • Location: New Ringgold, PA
  • Replacement Type: Knee (Right)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking, Biking, Kayaking


"I Wish I Got it Sooner"

Prior to my knee replacement (May 2016), I constantly had pain on both knees. Especially with inclement weather, any type of activity, chores, and working on my cars. Even intimacy was an issue.

Change was necessary when the pain flared to the point where everything became complicated. Driving, playing with the grandkids, walking Samantha (our dog), even walking up simple stairs. I decided to have surgery. 

After surgery, my right leg has become excessively muscular due to my left knee needing a replacement too. My right leg with my new knee has taken over my lower torso as far a strength and support is concerned. I must get my left knee done with a DePuy Synthes knee.

I wish I had just gotten it done! The sooner, the better it would have been for me. I already had pain and constant discomfort, I thought, why not have a little pain and a little discomfort for a few months?

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