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Patient Story: Penny from Ramona, CA

  • Name: Penny
  • Location: Ramona, CA
  • Replacement Type: Knee (Left), Knee (Right)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking,

"Time Marches On. Now It's Over, and I'm Pain Free."

Before having my knees replaced I could not go up or down stairs without major pain. I could no longer walk my dog. My love of scuba diving was affected with the knee pain I experienced. It was difficult to do anything physical with my young grandsons. My husband and I love to travel. We went on a cruise with friends and I spent most of the time on land sitting on benches waiting while they did activities that I could not do. That was when I realized I needed to move ahead with surgery.

It has taken a full year after my surgery to not think about my knees at all. I can walk on the beach again, scuba dive without pain, and go up and down stairs like a normal person.

My Doctor told me that if I only did therapy a couple times per week with my therapist that I would never be happy with my new knees. Immediately after returning home from the hospital I began the exercises the hospital PT had given me. I did my PT three times every day. I added exercises as the PT would give them during my sessions. At times I was sore, unmotivated, and felt sorry for myself, but with the support of my family encouraging me, I pushed through and kept up the PT three times a day. 

My surgeries were 7 weeks apart. It was difficult facing the second surgery as I hadn't recovered from the first one. Sometimes it felt like PT would never end but after one year it is just a memory. Time marches on. Now it's over, and I am pain free.