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Patient Story: Robert from Oxford, OH

  • Name: Robert
  • Location: Oxford, OH
  • Replacement Type: Knee (Left), Knee (Right)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking

"I Would Replace Both Knees Again in a New York Minute"

I was not able to take my wife shopping for more than a half hour at a time before I had my knees replaced, because of the constant pain in both legs. After being told the injections of cortisone would no longer do any good, I figured it was time to have surgery on both knees. First surgery was on December 7, 2016. Second surgery was on March 14, 2017. For a man of 73, I only wish I had done the surgery long before I did. I would do both again in a New York minute.

I am now able to do just about anything, like shopping with my wife or taking care of my 2+ acre yard. I am no longer limited by knee pain.

My surgeon advised me to exercise daily, even before surgery. I believe this helped me beyond belief!

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