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Patient Story: Tameletah from Holly Ridge, NC

  • Name: Tameletah
  • Location: Holly Ridge, NC
  • Replacement Type: Knee (Left), Knee (Right)
  • Hobbies/Activities: Walking, Biking, Swimming, Ymca Workouts

"No Pain No Gain"

I had been on crutches for several months before I could get surgery. I was unable to do much of anything on my own and had severe pain. I had my right knee done in 2010. I had my left knee replaced in September 2015. My turning point was when I could no longer have a life of activities with my family and when my 4 year old grandson was so sad Maw could not take him to parks and the beach and activities we normally would do. This broke my heart and I could tell it had broken his since we were unseparable and always doing something.

I am still recovering from my last knee replacement, but I slowly have gotten back to some activities. It is a blessing just to be able to walk. I still have a problem with stairs, but I'm sure if I continue to work at it, it will come. Last week I decided it was time for a short beach walk with the grandson. Although it was a work out, I was so grateful to imagine the future. Especially with the holidays coming up.

I trusted my doctor to decide the right time, but he told me to call him when I was ready. I have a tolerance for some pain, so I waited until I had to do it. Recovery seems slow at first, but you have to let it heal inside and out. Lots of ice which is no fun, but very effective in the healing process. Rehab can be very painful, but if you have someone looking out for you it helps. Therapy can seem harsh, but in my experience you get what you put out. No pain no gain, at least for a few weeks. I had 3 weeks of therapy, 3 times a day, and finished with a 130 degree bend. Now I am on my own still recovering, but I look forward to the future.

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