Patient Stories

Everyone has a unique journey to health and well-being. We hope these stories inspire yours.


Rusty: Returning to Flight After AFib Diagnosis

Veteran Delta Airlines Pilot Rusty Bliss went in for his annual mandatory EKG scan, and it was there that he learned his diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation.


Theresa: A Handball Game to Distal Radius Repair 

It was a warm sunny July day at the park and the family had decided to play handball. They were able to get a great volley going and the energy level was rising as the fun began.


More Stories


Mark: Knee Replacement to Get Back on the Trails

Mark Sybouts, age 59, resides in southern Indiana, U.S., and is a co-owner of a company in the green industry of lawn care and turf distribution.


George: Triathlon Return Post Knee Replacement

George is conquering a new world of opportunity with two ATTUNE® Knee replacements. As a martial arts instructor and Navy veteran, George prides himself on his active lifestyle.


Jeannette: Savoring Sun after Hip Replacement

Growing up in Southern California, and now residing in Winter Park, Florida, Jeannette Bourne has always loved being active year-round.


Dave: Eager for Golf Season Post Hip Replacement

Dave Higgins is no stranger to the impact that a total hip replacement can have to help patients get back to their lives.


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