LAP Ventral

Procedure Spotlight

Reduce the Hernia Sac & Close the Defect

Reduce the hernia sac & close the defect
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STRATAFIX™ Spiral Knotless Tissue Control Device

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STRATAFIX™ Spiral Knotless Tissue Control Device is the only barbed suture that provides strong, secure closure appropriate for high-tension areas, such as fascia.1-6

STRATAFIX™ Spiral Knotless Tissue Control Device

Insert and Position the Mesh

Insert and position the mesh
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PROCEED® Surgical Mesh

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Tissue separating mesh with optimized design for strength and performance.

PROCEED Surgical Mesh

Fixate the Mesh

Fixate the mesh
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ETHICON SECURESTRAP® Absorbable Strap Fixation Device

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Market-leading fixation device provides superior acute fixation at various deployment angles.7* Allows for appropriate tissue capture and penetration to provide superior acute fixation holding at various deployment angles.8-11†

ETHICON SECURESTRAP® Absorbable Strap Fixation Device

Apply Topical Skin Adhesive to Port Site

Apply topical skin adhesive to port site
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DERMABOND ADVANCED® Topical Skin Adhesive

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DERMABOND ADVANCED Adhesive is a wound closure device that adds strength when used in conjunction with deep dermal stitches after strength, provides a protective barrier12,13 and demonstrated in vitro inhibits bacteria.14



*As shown in benchtop in porcine flank tissue. 

†As shown in a preclinical study.

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For complete indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse reactions, please reference full package insert.