2.7 mm/3.5 mm LCP® Distal Fibula Plate System

The 2.7 mm/3.5 mm LCP Distal Fibula Plates are part of the Synthes LCP System that merges locking screw technology with conventional plating techniques.

2.7 mm/3.5 mm LCP®  Distal Fibula Plate System

Features & Benefits

  • 2.7 mm/3.5 mm LCP®  Distal Fibula Plate System


    The plates are available in stainless steel and titanium and are anatomically pre-contoured for the lateral and posterolateral aspect of the distal fibula.


    • Coaxial distal holes accept 2.4 mm and 2.7 mm locking and cortex screws to provide multiple screw options
    • Coaxial Holes in plate head have recess to minimize screw prominence to create a low-profile construct
    • Four K-wire holes in the head of the lateral plate accept 2.0 mm K-wires
    • Combi holes in shaft accept 3.5 mm locking screws, 3.5 mm cortex screws, and 4.0 mm cancellous bone screws
    • Choice of lateral or posterolateral plates

Supporting Documentation


2.7 mm/3.5 mm LCP Distal Fibula Plates Inventory Control Form

2.7 mm/3.5 mm Titanium Distal Fibula Plate System Inventory Control Form


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Indication Statement

The 2.7 mm/3.5 mm LCP Distal Fibula Plates are indicated for fractures, osteotomies, and nonunions of the metaphyseal and diaphyseal region of the distal fibula, especially in osteopenic bone.