3D Patient Specific Anatomic Spine Model (US Surgeons Only)

Anatomic Spine Models are 1:1-scale, patient-specific models available to US surgeons. They are intended to aid in the visualization of the patient’s bony anatomy for complex deformity cases or tumor cases with particularly challenging spinal anatomy.

  • Each anatomic spine model is individually requested by a surgeon or on behalf of a Health Care Professional. The model is a 1:1 scale representation of the CT data received with the model request. We do not modify or augment the patient anatomy or virtually insert any implants or products into the model. The anatomic model is intended to aid in the visualization of the patient’s bony anatomy. However, it is not intended to replace the CT scans, X-ray films, direct examination of the anatomy, or other information typically used for preoperative planning or during surgery. Models are not intended for sterilization or for use in the sterile field.
  • CT data and any other accompanying patient data or CDs are maintained in a secure environment and will not be returned to the requestor. Only the bone model itself will be shipped back to the account. The original CD and any associated data will be destroyed in a secure manner after the project is completed. No patient identifiers (such as Patient ID, Date of Birth, address, phone number, etc.) are to be included with this Request Form or on the physical CD and associated labeling.
3D Patient Specific Anatomic Spine Model


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