Adjustable Large Fixator - Tibial Plateau

The Adjustable Large Fixator is pre-assembled, mechanically adjustable unilateral external fixator. The device consists of an articulated, single body construct with two integral pin clamps, which attach to bone via Schanz screws.

Adjustable Large Fixator - Tibial Plateau

Features & Benefits

    • Radiolucent central body facilitates radiographic imaging
    • Pin clamp pivots for use in ankle or tibial plateau fractures
    • Three tightening points control all planes of movement
    • Dual compression/distraction module
    • Spring-loaded, 6-position vise plates allow for quick pin placement
    • Pivoting clamp includes convergent pin slots for use in the tibial plateau
    • Accommodates 4mm to 6mm diameter Schanz screws

Supporting Documentation


Large External Fixation and Adjustable Large Fixator Inventory Control Form


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Indication Statement

The adjustable large fixator is indicated for use in the treatment of long bone conditions, including fractures, osteotomies and other bone conditions amenable to treatment with a unilateral external fixator.

114111-190513 DSUS