ANSPACH® EMAX® 2 Plus System

The ultimate combination of high power, smooth operation, low noise level, and small size designed for bone dissection.

ANSPACH® EMAX® 2  Plus System

Features & Benefits

ANSPACH® EMAX® 2  Plus System

Lightweight Handpiece

  • Suitable for long procedures
  • Lightest high speed electric hand piece in our portfolio
ANSPACH® EMAX® 2  Plus System

Optimal Control Across Surgical Procedures

  • Choose from Hand or Foot Control for unsurpassed flexibility with EMAX® 2 Plus System
Integrated Cooling Technology

Integrated Cooling Technology

  • Manufactured to withstand long procedures
  • Designed to stay comfortable during procedures
Dissection Tools

Dissection Tools

  • Compatible with the ANSPACH HELIX™ Burrs
  • Compatible with G1 dissection tools

Supporting Documentation


G1 Dissection Tools Reference Chart

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EMAX 2 Plus Product Guide

EMAX Sterilization Basket Guide


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Indication Statement

The EMAX® 2 Plus System is intended for cutting and shaping bone including spine and cranium.