Plus System

Electric high speed performance and power for neurosurgery, neurotology, otolaryngology and spinal procedures.

ANSPACH® EMAX® 2 Plus System

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful High Speed Electric System (80,000 RPM)

    Ideal for demanding applications

  • Lightweight Handpiece (104g)

    Ideal for long procedures

  • Minimal Start-Up Kick

    Very precise and improved visualization

  • Integrated Cooling System in Handpiece

    Comfortable during long procedures

  • Comprehensive Range of Quick-Coupling Attachments

    • Versatile system for a wide range of applications
    • Attachments compatible with ANSPACH® XMAX® System

  • Dedicated Console

    • Easy to use
    • Optional Irrigation

  • Foot and Hand Control Available

    Optimal control across surgical procedures

  • Dedicated Cleaning Basket

    One basket for automated washing and sterilization

  • Optimal Applications

    • Neuro Surgery
    • Neurotology Surgery
    • Skull Base Surgery
    • Otolaryngology Surgery
    • Spinal Surgery

Supporting Documentation


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EMAX Sterilization Basket Guide


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Indication Statement

The EMAX® 2 Plus System is intended for cutting and shaping bone including spine and cranium.