Battery Power Line II

Battery Power Line II System (BPL II) – The Power of Efficiency

BPL II is our most powerful system and especially developed for joint reconstruction surgery. The system consists of three dedicated handpieces, - Reamer/Drill, Oscillating Saw and Reciprocating Saw. With BPL II, DePuy Synthes Companies offer a system engineered to drive your efficiency.

Battery Power Line II

Features & Benefits

High power

Efficient Reaming

Keyless fixation of saw blades


All-in-one washing & sterilization basket 

Streamlined reprocessing

Supporting Documentation


BPL II Enhancement Brochure

BPL II Manual and Mechanical Cleaning

BPL II User’s Manual

BPLII and ACRION Saw Blade Brochure

Lubrication Chart

UBCII Manual


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Indication Statement

The Battery Power Line II is a heavy duty battery-driven system intended for orthopedic and trauma applications including:
• Drilling
• Reaming
• Inserting/removing Kirschner wires and pins
• Cutting Bone