Carto® 3 System

3-D mapping system with the integration, scalability and insights to help electrophysiologists make optimal treatment decisions. Designed with every phase of the procedure in mind.

Carto® 3 System

Features & Benefits

Unparalleled Integration

  • Combined diagnostic data, mapping, and imaging into one resource. Designed to streamline information and simplify procedures.
  • Compatible with standard electrophysiology lab technology from hospitals’ most preferred vendors to seamlessly integrate a complete suite of technologies in the lab.


  • Procedures: Flexibility that allows the ability to personalize strategy based on techniques preferences and procedure demands.
  • Growth: Stay up to date and acquire the latest technology to meet increasing demands in fast growing areas, such as AF and VT, without having to reinvest in a new system.

Actionable Insights

  • High-quality diagnostic data pulled from a variety of sources
  • Fully integrated software modules create robust clinical picture
  • Hybrid technology delivers accurate location data
  • Built-in compatibility with broader lab technologies
  • Scalability and flexibility to support any workflow or patient anatomy.


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Last Updated on 10/07/2020