CEREBASE™ DA Guide Sheath

Designed for atraumatic vessel interaction with soft, compliant, and rounded distal edges and a highly flexible Dexterous (DEX) tip that can minimize direct vessel wall contact.

CEREBASE™ DA Guide Sheath

Features & Benefits

Engineered to secure Distal Access

CEREBASE DA is engineered to secure Distal Access for geometric anchoring, resulting in more procedural support*.

Engineered to take tight turns

The Dexterous (DEX) Tip facilitates tight turns for enhanced tracking through challenging anatomy, tracking closer to the target treatment site.

More proximal shaft stiffness

More proximal shaft stiffness designed for arch support1.


Inner Diameter


Short sheath compatible


Catalog No. Catalog No. ID  OD (compatible short sheath)  Usable Length 
GS9070SD GS9070SD 0090"  8F  70cm 
GS9080SD GS9080SD 0090"  8F  80cm 
GS9090SD GS9090SD 0090"  8F  90cm 
GS9095SD GS9095SD 0090"  8F  95cm 


*More trackability and more support than Neuron™ MAX, AXS Infinity LS™, Shuttle™ and Fubuki™. More support than Ballast™.

1.    More shaft stiffness than NeuronMax™, Infinity™, Shuttle™, Fubuki™ and Ballast™.


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