CERENOVUS Large Bore Catheter

The CERENOVUS Large Bore Catheter, Aspiration Tubing Set and NOUVAG Vacuson 60 aspiration pump (or equivalent aspiration pump) are indicated to restore blood flow by removing thrombus in patients experiencing ischemic stroke. The CERENOVUS Large Bore Catheter is indicated for use as a conduit for retrieval devices.

CERENOVUS Large Bore Catheter

Features & Benefits

Rapid navigation to MCA

CERENOVUS Large Bore Catheter has rapid navigation to the middle cerebral artery (MCA) based on optimized design: variable braid density for optimized trackability and seamless transition zones for efficient control1,2

Smooth stent retrieval

Smooth stent interaction and retrieval due to enhanced tip durability: end to end polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) liner, durable tip design and optimized distal column strength1,3,4. Tip durability, Excellent kink resistance in a thin wall design****, robust clot ingestion due to catheter tip durability.

Low profile design

Lowest profile in a large bore catheter* for base catheter compatibility options (compatible with 0.085” interior diameter (ID) base catheter or greater)1,5.


Product Code Product Code Distal ID  Distal OD  Proximal OD  Guide Compatibility(CM)  Usable Length(CM) 
IC71125UG IC71125UG 0.071"  0.081"  0.0825"  6F  125cm 
IC71132UG IC71132UG 0.071"  0.081"  0.0825"  6F  132cm 


*Large bore catheter defined as ID >/= .070”.
****Best Ovalization and kink resistance compared to Sofia® Plus, Ace™ 68, Jet™ 7, React™ 71, Vecta™ 71 and React™ 68 Catheters.

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