Collinear Reduction Clamp

The Collinear Reduction Clamp features a sliding mechanism that assists in achieving and maintaining fracture reduction in minimally invasive techniques. The sliding mechanism accepts different attachment arms that increase versatility by allowing surgeons to create an optimal reduction tool based upon clinical needs.

Collinear Reduction Clamp

Features & Benefits

  • Four Attachment Arm Options

    Various fracture types can be addressed with the four attachment arm options: Hohmann-style Arm, Pelvic Arm, Percutaneous Arm, Bone Hook-Shape Arm. The Bone Hook-Shape Arm is also compatible with the DePuy Synthes Large External Fixator.






  • Spiked Disk Attachment

    May help to distribute compressive forces on poor quality bone.

  • Cannulated Feed Rod

    Features a 3mm cannulated feed rod which permits the insertion of a guide wire. The guide wire may be inserted while the clamp is still in place to hold the reduction.

Supporting Documentation


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Indication Statement

The Collinear Reduction Clamp is used for long bone, articular and pelvic fracture types.

114625-200507 DSUS