The CONFIDENSE® Module offers CARTO®3 System users a complete and streamlined high-density mapping solution. The CONFIDENSE® Module introduces a new degree of control over point acquisition and insight into your mapping procedures. This high-performance mapping module is fully integrated into the CARTO®3 System.


Features & Benefits

Continuous Mapping

Automatically acquires points per the physician's preselected criteria.

Tissue Proximity Indication

Proximity-based filtering only acquires points that are in close proximity to cardiac tissue.

Wavefront Annotation

An automated annotation algorithm that incorporates both unipolar and bipolar signals.

Map Consistency

System identifies outlying points when inconsistent with neighboring points.

Supporting Documentation

Product Resources

Dr. Melby CARTO CONFIDENSE™ Module Case

Dr. Melby, Atrial Flutter Case 


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Indication Statement

Important information: Prior to use, refer to the instructions for use supplied with this device for indications, contraindications, side effects, warnings and precautions.

Caution: US law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician


Last Updated on 1/5/2021