CONFORM® Flex with Q-PACK® Zero Rehydration Technology is designed for use in trauma-related extremity procedures, including fusion, and for filling bone voids.

CONFORM Flex is 100% demineralized cancellous bone available in both cube and strip configurations. The tissue is flexible and can be compressed up to 50% of the original size.1 Place CONFORM Flex prior to reduction.

Q-PACK Technology is an ambient temperature packaging method that allows CONFORM Flex to be offered in a hydrated state, eliminating the rehydration step required by competitive tissue forms.

  • CONFORM Flex is a monolithic tissue that resists migration.1
  • CONFORM Flex readily absorbs and retains bone marrow aspirate, blood, or saline.1
  • CONFORM Flex can be osteogenic when combined with bone marrow aspirate.2

Features & Benefits

Demineralized cancellous tissue

  • Osteoconductive and osteoinductive; promotes cellular ingrowth and vascularization1

Monolithic (single piece)

  • Resists migration1

Conformable and customizable matrix

  • Compresses up to 50% and can be easily cut to accommodate irregular shapes and sizes1

Packaged with Q-Pack, a Zero Rehydration Technology

  • Ready to use immediately out of the package1


  • Naturally absorbs and retains various hydrating agents1

Neutral physiologic pH

  • Maintained for optimal cell viability and function1

Aseptically processed by MTF and passes USP <71> sterility tests

  • Maintains biological integrity1

Conform Flex

Item Number









6 mm cube





6 mm cube (pkg of 3)





10 mm cube





16 mm cube





10 mm x 10 mm x 4 mm





20 mm x 20 mm x 4 mm





40 mm x 20 mm x 5 mm



1. MTF Report# 19-002R MM
2. Mclain R, Fleming J, Boehm C, Muschler G. Aspiration of osteoprogenitor cells for augmenting spinal fusion: comparison of progenitor cell concentrations from the vertebral body and iliac crest. J Bone Joint Surg. 2005;87:26675-2661.

Indication Statement

  • Regulated as an HCT/P
    • Human Cell and Tissue Product
  • Homologous use
    • Performs the same basic function in the recipient as in the donor
  • Common applications
    • Extremity Fusion Aid
    • General bone void filler

114859-190522 DSUS