DECANAV® Mapping Catheter

The DECANAV® Mapping Catheter is a high-performance diagnostic catheter designed for multi-electrode mapping of the intricate left ventricle and the right atrium. Its familiar shape is slim-fitting and handles easily, so you can FAM and MEM* with confidence.



Features & Benefits

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    Multi-electrode mapping of intricate heart structures

    Extends access throughout confined spaces and helps facilitate high-resolution outflow tract and subtrate mapping. Tip electrode supports mapping of difficult-to-reach areas.

  • High Resolution Mapping

    High Resolution Mapping

    When used with our CARTO® 3 MEM Module it allows you to sample multiple points of cardiac mapping data simultaneously. MEM technology also provides high resolution maps with fewer maneuvers required to reposition catheters.


*Fast Anatomical Mapping and Multi-Electrode Mapping are available on the CARTO® 3 System with CARTO® MEM Version or CONFIDENSE Module using MEM-enabled catheter."

Always verify catheter tip location using fluoroscopy or IC signals and consult the CARTO® 3 System User Guide regarding recommendations for fluoroscopy use.

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Last Updated on 6/29/2020