Elbow Hinge Fixator

The modular frame construction offers the Elbow Hinge Fixator a high degree of flexibility. The independent pin placement allows adaptation to the particular circumstances of each injury.

The Elbow Hinge Fixator is a single component and is compatible with the Large and Medium External Fixation Systems.  This increases the flexibility in selecting a patient-specific, optimum form of therapy.  Minimal effort is required to switch from rigid to movable external fixation.

The radiolucency of the Elbow Hinge Fixator facilities finding the anatomical joint axis and positioning the mechanical axis of the elbow.

Elbow Hinge Fixator

Features & Benefits

Independent pin placement

  • Patient-specific assembly of the fixation frame
  • Independent pin placement in the humerus and ulna
  • Compatible with 8.0mm and 11.0mm carbon fiber rods
  • Can supplement internal fixation

Monitored axis determination

  • Axis determined with 2.5mm guide wire
  • Cannulated center sleeve allows the coaxiality to be determined at all times with the image intensifier
  • Radiolucent materials facilitate easy visualization of the affected anatomy

Early Mobilization

  • Active and passive postoperative mobilization of the elbow joint
  • Spares the joint surface due to the guided hinge movement
  • Can be locked into position by bridging with an additional rod


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Indication Statement

The Elbow Hinge Fixator is intended for supplementary treatment of complex, unstable elbow injuries when early functional stress must be limited due to persistent ligament instability.

The indications for guided joint bridging with external fixators are:

  • Delayed treatment of dislocated and stiff elbows
  • Chronic, persistent joint instability
  • Acute joint instability after complex ligament injuries
  • Unstable elbow fractures
  • Additional stabilization of postoperative unstable internal fixation

The Elbow Hinge Fixator is compatible with the components of the DePuy Synthes Large External Fixation System for adults (11mm rod diameter), and with components of the DePuy Synthes Medium External Fixation System (8 mm rod diameter) for children and small stature adults.

114097-190513 DSUS