EMBOTRAP® II Revascularization Device

EMBOTRAP® II Revascularization Device has an innovative, dual layer design, which is designed to engage and grip clots differently.

EMBOTRAP II Device has been shown to retrieve various thrombus types, whether fibrin-rich thrombus (hard) or RBC-rich thrombus types (soft).1,2,3,4,5

EMBOTRAP®II Revascularization Device

Features & Benefits

  • outer cage

    Open, articulated outer cage

    Open, articulated outer cage engages and grips the clot and maintains wall apposition during retrieval. The multiple large, inlet windows allow thrombus to move into the cage for engagement.

  • inner channel

    Closed cell inner channel

    Closed cell, inner channel secures and stabilizes thrombus to maintain engagement.

  • distal end

    Distal closed end mesh

    Distal, closed end mesh maintains control during retrieval.


Product SKU


Catalog #

Recommended Vessel Diameter

Micro Catheter Compatibility


Working Length

Device Length

Tip Length



1.5-5.0 mm

0.021” ID – 0.027” ID

5.0 mm

21 mm

194 cm

4 mm



1.5-5.0 mm

0.021” ID – 0.027” ID

5.0 mm

33 mm

195 cm

4 mm


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3Kabbasch C, Mpotsaris A, Liebig T, Soderman M, Holtmannspotter M et al. (2016) First-In-Man Procedural Experience with the Novel EMBOTRAP(R) Revascularization Device for the Treatment of Ischemic Stroke-A European Multicenter Series. Clin Neuroradiol 26 (2): 221-228.
4Data on file at Cerenovus (Report TR137-03)
5Data on file at Cerenovus (Report TR031 Rev 02)