EMBOTRAP® III Revascularization Device

The EMBOTRAP® III Revascularization Device is designed for use in the anterior and posterior neurovasculature in vessels such as the internal carotid artery, the M1 or M2 segments of the middle cerebral artery, and basilar arteries. The EMBOTRAP Platform is indicated for vessels from 5.0mm down to 1.5mm and is the only dual layer design, designed to engage and grip the clot differently.  EMBOTRAP® III Device has been shown to retrieve various thrombus types, whether fibrin-rich thrombus (hard) or RBC-rich thrombus types (soft). 

EMBOTRAP® III Revascularization Device

Features & Benefits

Open and articulated outer cage

Open, articulated outer cage serves to engage and grip the clot. Multiple, large, inlet windows on the outer cage allow thrombus to move into the outer cage. An articulating outer cage maintains wall apposition during retrieval.

Closed cell inner channel

Secures and stabilizes the thrombus to maintain engagement

Distal closed end mesh

Maintains control of thrombus during retrieval

Smallest minimum vessel indication1

Smallest minimum vessel indication in any commercially available stent retriever in the US.1


Product Code Product Code Name  Vessel Size Range  Microcatheter Compatibility  Working Length  Device Length 
ET309522 ET309522 5X22  1.5-5.0 mm  0.021"  22mm  194cm 
ET309537 ET309537 5X37  1.5-5.0 mm  0.021"  37mm  195cm 


1. Smallest vessel indication compared to Solitaire™ X, Solitaire™ Platinum, Trevo™ NXT ProVue, Trevo™ XP ProVue, and Penumbra 3D™.


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