ETHICON Procedure Cart™

Ethicon Procedure Cart™ gives you at-your-fingertips access to frequently used products like sutures and staples during OR procedures.

Ethicon Procedure Cart™

Features & Benefits

  • Ethicon Procedure Cart - OR Storage and Organization

    OR Storage and Organization

    Not every procedure runs smoothly when it comes to supplies. Preference cards can be out-of-date, case carts not stocked correctly, or the patient’s anatomy requires something unexpected. To meet your needs, the Ethicon Procedure Cart™ holds your frequently used devices near the OR to help reduce supply related disruptions. 

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    Stock Your Cart to Fit Your Needs

    The Ethicon Procedure Cart™ offers 20 easy-open see-thru compartments and two spacious drawers that hold the items you commonly use during your procedures. Utilize the customizable color-coded drawer tags to easily identify which devices you may need and help avoid picking errors. 

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EPC01 EPC01 Cart for OR organization