External Distal Radius Fixator

External Distal Radius Fixator

Features & Benefits

4.0 mm Adjustable Clamp

  • Independently locks to Schanz screws while allowing universal joint motion for reducation in all planes
  • Allows secondary adjustment of length without loss of reduction
  • Accepts 4.0 mm, 4.0 mm/3.0 mm, and 4.0 mm/2.5 mm Schanz screws
  • All adjustments are made with a standard 3.5 mm hexagonal screwdriver

4.0 mm/3.0 mm Self-Drilling Schanz Screws

  • Available in titanium and stainless steel, 20 mm thread length with 80 mm total length
  • One-step insertion technique reduces operative time
  • Shaft diameter is 4.0 mm thread diameter is 3.0 mm

8.0 mm Carbon Fiber Rods

  • Lightweight for patient comfort
  • Radiolucent for improved intra- and postoperative radiographic visualization
  • Multiple lengths for enhanced adaptation to fracture positioning and patient needs: 200 mm, 220 mm and 240 mm


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Indication Statement

The DePuy Synthes Distal Radius Fixator is intended for stabilization of fractures of the distal radius.

The Distractor, for Distal Radius Fixator (394.075) is an intraoperative and postoperative instrument used with the distal radius fixator to apply or release distraction.

114100-190513 DSUS