FIBERGRAFT® Family of Products

The core technology of Prosidyan® is FIBERGRAFT®, a nanofiber-based matrix of bioactive glass.  These nanofibers provide continuous porosity, direct connectivity, high surface area, and resorption rates consistent with bone formation.

Data on File: Prosidyan, DHF 0002 BG MorselsFIBERGRAFT is a trademark of Prosidyan


Features & Benefits


Direct Connectivity

Unlike first generation bioactive glass materials, the connectivity of the fibers provides an uninterrupted corridor for cell growth
Data on File: Prosidyan, DHF 0003 BG Putty

Increased Surface Area

Fibers create a mechanical and biomechanical environment providing maximized surface area for HA deposition and controlled resorption.
Data on File: Prosidyan, DHF 0003 BG Putty

Continuous Porosity

The Fiberscreate completely interconnected porosity, no physical interruptions for cell infiltration and bone integration. The amount and range of porosity in FIBERGRAFT® BG Morsels has been engineered by controlling the size and quantities of fibers and microspheres, and by the optimized design of its porous outer shell.
Data on File: Prosidyan, DHF 0003 BG Putty

Differential Rate of Resorption

Each FIBERGRAFT BG Morsel is comprised of a range of fibers and microspheres. The smaller fibers and microspheres resorb quicker, while the larger structures resorb over an extended period of time. This optimized mode of differential resorption creates a favorable environment during all phases of bone healing.
Data on File: Prosidyan, DHF 0003 BG Putty



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