The patented GLOBAL® Anchor Peg Glenoid achieves immediate stability with the three cemented peripheral pegs, and provides a proven method of fixation through an interference fit of the central peg. A study by Wirth et al. showed that mean fixation strength increased significantly within three months and remained strong six months postoperatively in a weight-bearing animal study. Improved fixation was confirmed radiographically and histologically, and the central fluted peg achieved bone ingrowth in all cases.1

GLOBAL® APG+ Shoulder System is an advanced cannulated instrumentation system that is designed to provide accurate placement, orientation, and precise bone preparation for optimal implantation of the GLOBAL® Anchor Peg Glenoid Shoulder System. The instruments were designed for ease of use and heightened efficiency in the operating room by incorporating features that enhance versatility, simplicity, and precision through a streamlined surgical approach. GLOBAL® APG+ System is designed to be used with either the GLOBAL ADVANTAGE® Shoulder System or GLOBAL AP® Shoulder Arthroplasty Systems. Both arthroplasty systems combine innovative designs and durable materials with almost twenty years of clinical success.

global apg

Features & Benefits

global apg shoulder system

GLOBAL Anchor Peg Glenoid System

  • Advanced Fixation - Immediate fixation achieved through fluted interference fit central peg and cemented peripheral pegs
  • Advanced Biomechanics – 6mm of diametric mismatch emulates anatomic biomechanics of a healthy shoulder
global apg shoulder system

PREMIERON® X-Linked Polyethylene

  • 85% reduction in wear debris over conventionally manufactured and sterilized components2
  • GUR 1020 polyethylene resin
  • 5 Mrad of irradiation
  • Thermally treated to 155oοF to eliminate free radicals for an oxidatively stable material
  • Maintains mechanical integrity
global apg+ features and benefits

Low Profile Central Reamer (40/44 or 48/52/56)

  • When used with the Low Profile Peripheral Reamer, allows for successful reaming in patients with challenging glenoid exposure
  • Halfmoon shape aids insertion past the humerus
  • Glenoid-friendly blunt leading edge reduces the risk of bone fracture and interference with retractors.
  • Cannulation and quick connect end allows for fast and easy use.
  • Color-coded banding matches corresponding Low Profile Peripheral Reamer, Central Drill Bit, and Trial.
global apg+ features and benefits

Cannulated Instruments with Quick Connect Adapters

  • The quick connect end enables fast and easy connections between instruments.
  • Cannulation allows for fast insertion over guide pin
global apg+ features and benefits

Fixed Pin Guide

  • Allows for placement of a guide pin without pre-operative planning by referencing the junction of the anterior glenoid neck and the scapular body regardless of glenoid version.


1. Wirth MA, Korvick DL, Basamania CJ, et al. Radiologic, mechanical and histologic evaluation of 2 glenoid prosthesis designs in a canine model. Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. 2001;10(2) 140-148.

2. M. Wirth, C. Klotz, D. Deffenbaugh, D. McNulty, L. Richards, J. Tipper - Cross-Linked Glenoid Prosthesis: A Wear Comparison to Conventional Glenoid Prosthesis with Wear Particulate Analysis. J Shoulder Elbow Surg (2009).

Indication Statement

The GLOBAL® Anchor Peg Glenoid Shoulder is intended for use in total shoulder replacement surgery for patients suffering from:

  • A severely painful and/or disabled joint resulting from osteoarthritis, traumatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Fracture-dislocations of the proximal humerus where the articular surface is severely communited, separated from its blood supply or where the surgeon's experience indicates that alternative methods of treatment are unsatisfactory.
  • Other difficult clinical problems where shoulder arthrodesis or resection arthroplasty are not acceptable (e.g. revision of a failed primary component).

Glenoid components are intended for cemented use only.

WARNING: This product has labeling limitations. See package insert for complete information.