HAMMERLOCK® 2 Nitinol Implant

HAMMERLOCK® 2 Nitinol Implant provides interfragmentary compression and active fixation without the need to freeze prior to usage. Used for small bone reconstruction and fusion such as in the phalanges of the fingers and toes.

HAMMERLOCK® 2 Nitinol Implant

Features & Benefits

Implant Profile

  • Nitinol intramedullary fixation with no freezing required.
  • Inserted in a spear-like shape and expands to provide multi-axial active stabilization.
  • Fits in narrower proximal canals.

Sizing Tool

  • Includes sizing tool for accurate implant selection.

Insertion Tool

  • Pre-loaded on inserter - no forceps required.

Optimized, pre-sterilized, fully disposable system

  • Pre-sterilized disposable system includes instrumentation to enhance patient safety and operating room efficiencies.

Size & Profile

  • Available in 3 anatomic sizes in straight and 10-degree angled versions.

Supporting Documentation


HAMMERLOCK 2 Nitinol Implant X - Ray Template


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Indication Statement

Small bone reconstruction and fusion such as inter-digital fusion of fingers and toes.